One of the wishes of the brown and black skins is to have a lighten skin and a unified complexion. Every day, thousands of women apply dangerous lightening products with abrasive substances such as the bleach, the corticoids or even the hydroquinone. These products are realized in an illicit way without having undergone the slightest dermatological test.

The sub-range Nerola® Illuminating has been elaborated specially for brown to black skin wishing to lighten their skin tone.
Based on naturally sourced active ingredients perfectly tolerated by the skin, it consists of 2 high performance cares:

  • one skin care for face & hands
  • one body milk

Their fine emulsion penetrates very quickly and easily into the epidermis. The plant extracts that consist the products, act in synergy to lighten, illuminate and unify the skin without ever irritating it. The “Nerola® Illuminating Phytocomplex” is a unique formula developed by our R&D department, which inhibits 80 % of the activity of the tyrosinase. In identical hydroquinone concentration, “Nerola® Illuminating Phytocomplex” has an equivalent inhibitive action. Besides, contrary to most of the lightening products, our formula with naturally sourced active ingredients does not irritate the skin and has a pleasant smell. Furthermore, the UVA/UVB filters contained in the products of Nerola® Illuminating protect the skin from harmful effects of the sun such as the premature cellular ageing and the appearance of spots.

Thus, the skin is lightened, harmonious, unified and moisturised.

In 2011, Nerola® Illuminating has won the Parisian competition Les Victoires de la Beauté.

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