Most of the Asian’s skin is mixt or tend to be oily. Subjected to the cold and to the wind, the skin tends to blush by places. When the heat and the humidity settle down, its production of sebum increases and blackheads appear. In spite of their advantage with a later appearance of the first wrinkles (generally after 50 years), their skin tends to have an excessive secretion of sebum, synonym for oily skin and for blackheads.

The sub-range Nerola® Whitening has been elaborated specially for Asian skin wishing to reduce the oiliness of their skin.
Based on naturally sourced active ingredients perfectly tolerated by the skin, it consists of 3 high performance cares:

  • one serum
  • two face creams : a day cream and a night intense cream

Their fine emulsion penetrates very quickly and easily into the epidermis. The plant extracts that consist the products, act in synergy to lighten, brighten & unify the complexion, to nourish the skin and to regulate the production of sebum. Furthermore, the “Nerola® Whitening Phytocomplex” is a unique formula developed by our R&D department, which inhibits 50 % of the activity of the tyrosinase.

Thus, the dilated pores are tightened, the skin is lightened & radiant.

In 2012, Nerola® Whitening has won the Parisian competition Les Victoires de la Beauté.

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