For the Caucasian skins, one of the problematics is the appearance of brown spots due to the sun exposure, a hormonal disorder or to the skin aging. These spots are mainly caused by an overproduction of melanin, pigment responsible for coloration of the skin. The melanin is synthesized from an amino acid, the tyrosine which is then transformed into melanin by a successive sequences of biochemical reactions among which one is catalysed by the tyrosinase enzyme.

The sub-range Nerola® Lightening has been elaborated specially for fair skins in search of effective but also natural anti-spots products.
Based on naturally sourced active ingredients perfectly tolerated by the skin, it consists of 2 high performance cares:

  • one skin care for face & neckline
  • one hand cream

Their fine emulsion penetrates very quickly and easily into the epidermis. The plant extracts that consist the products, act in synergy to limit the brown spots and prevent their appearance. The “Nerola® Lightening Phytocomplex” is a unique formula developed by our R&D department, which inhibits 80 % of the activity of the tyrosinase. Furthermore, the UVA/UVB filters contained in the products of Nerola® Lightening protect the skin from harmful effects of the sun such as the premature cellular ageing and the appearance of brown spots.

Thus, the skin is unified, smoothed and restored to its youthful look.

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