Nerola® Exfoliating & Purifying Soap

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Gently revive your skin!

Nerola® exfoliating soap is an undeniable beauty ritual that purifies and softens the skin, stimulates the epidermis and removes impurities.

It also prepares the skin for the application of Nerola® Lightening and Nerola® Illuminating skin care products, thus reinforcing their effectiveness.

  • removes impurities and dead skin cells
  • purifies the skin in-depth
  • softens the skin

Use the exfoliating soap on the body.
If used on the face, avoid the eye contour area. In the event of contact with the eyes, rinse well with plenty of clean water.

Wheat bran, lemon peel, vanilla and luffa powders: exfoliate and remove dead skin cells
White mulberry: unifies the skin thanks to its action of inhibiting melanin
Tea tree essential oil: purifies
Organic argan oil: nourishes and softens

  • its non-drying paraben-free formula
  • its pleasant perfume that leaves a light vanilla fragrance on the skin

The new cutaneous cells produced in the internal layer of the skin migrate to the outer layer, until they dry and remain stuck on the surface of the skin. The skin is mat and creams cannot penetrate correctly. The exfoliation of the skin, so called “exfoliating scrub” of the skin, allows the elimination of the dead cells. It restores some freshness and some brightness in the skin, prepares the skin to receive care and to improve their absorption and thus their efficiency, stimulates the cellular regeneration by giving way to the new cells and makes inhale the skin.

There are 2 types of exfoliations:

  • the chemical exfoliation: More commonly called “peeling”, this method uses substances resulting most of the time from acids of fruits. Less soft than the natural exfoliation, it is not recommended for sensitive skins and cannot be realized daily.
  • the natural exfoliation: This method uses 1 or several granular ingredients and can be realized daily.

Nerola® – Exfoliating & Purifying Soap is an exfoliating soap that purifies and softens the skin, stimulates the epidermis and removes impurities. Made from naturally sourced active ingredients, it is paraben-free and is adapted to all the complexions. Thus, it offers a natural and gentle exfoliation and does not dry the skin. It also prepares the skin for the application of Nerola® Lightening, Nerola® Illuminating and Nerola® Whitening skin care products, thus reinforcing their effectiveness.

A combination of naturally sourced specific exfoliating active ingredients contributes to this exfoliation:

  • The luffa is recognized, since Antiquity, for its exfoliating, soft and effective virtues. Crushed to obtain small exfoliating glitters, it incorporates perfectly into the exfoliating products.
  • The wheat bran and the lemon peel are soft exfoliating ingredients perfectly tolerated by sensitive skins.
  • The vanilla powder exfoliates quite smoothly and leaves a sweetened smell on the skin after the exfoliating scrub.

 This exfoliating and purifying soap is also composed of the following active ingredients:

  • The white mulberry unifies the skin thanks to its action of inhibiting melanin.
  • The tea tree essential oil purifies the skin.
  • The organic argan oil nourishes and softens the skin.

Scientifically proven efficacy!

The tests of tolerance which were led, demonstrate that the soap does not irritate the skin. Moreover, this product was tested according to the current European legislation. To avoid any risk of allergy, this soap was formulated without allergen.

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