Nerola®Sun SPF50+

Anti-dark Spot Sun Shield

A sunscreen allows to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiations (UV) of the sun.

An effective protection has to block UVA, responsible for the cellular ageing and UVB, responsible for sunburns. Suncreen products contain either chemical solar filters which penetrate into the skin where they create an absorbent barrier which neutralizes UV radiation, or mineral solar filters which do not penetrate into the skin but create on the surface of the skin a tight and reflector barrier which repels UV radiation, or both filters. When it is about sunscreen, another important notion comes into play. It is about the sun protection factor, SPF. It measures essentially the capacity of filtration of the UVB even if the high indications can be only obtained also by filtering a part of the UVA. The protection factor corresponds to the ratio of the dose of necessary UV to obtain a sunburn with and without sunscreen. So, a person having a sunburn in 10 minutes without sunscreen, has a protection ensured of 500 minutes with a cream SPF 50 (50 x 10 minutes).

Nerola® – SUN SPF 50+ Anti-dark Spot Sun Shield is a sun cream which, thanks to its double protection system combining chemical solar filters and mineral sunscreens, provides a total protection against UV rays (sunburn, premature cell aging, appearance of pigmentation spots…) during exposure to the sun. The skin is protected, dark spots and sunburn are prevented. Made from naturally sourced active ingredients, it is paraben-free and is adapted to all the complexions. It also prepares the skin for the application of Nerola® Lightening, Nerola® Illuminating and Nerola® Whitening skin care products, thus reinforcing their effectiveness.

A double protection system combining chemical solar filters and mineral sunscreens, provides a total protection against UV rays:

Chemical solar filters

  • The ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate and the ethylhexyl salicylate filter the UVB rays.
  • The octocrylene is an excellent UVB filter which is resistant to water. It is very often used in the formulation of high SPF sun creams.
  • Associated with the butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane (one of the most important UVA filters), it improves photo stability.
  • Finally, the benzophenone-3 and the bis-ethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyl triazine filter out both UVA UVB rays.

Mineral solar filter

  • The titanium dioxide offers protection against both UVA and UVB rays. It is non-irritant and may be used on sensitive skins. 

This sun cream is also composed of the following active ingredients:

  • The white mulberry contributes to a uniform suntan thanks to its action of inhibiting melanin.
  • The vitamin E protects the skin from premature cell aging (antioxidant action).

Scientifically proven efficacy! 

3 tests of claiming were made:

  • test determining the SPF: the SPF 50+ index has been proven by in vitro testing. The result obtained gave a level of more than 80 but legislation limits claims to no more than 50+.
  • test determining the PF UVA has confirmed that the (PF UVA)/SPF (UVB) ratio is more than 1/3 (so PF UVA > 1/3 SPF(UVB)).
  • test determining the critical wavelength.

The tests of tolerance which were led, demonstrate that the sun cream does not irritate the skin. Moreover, this product was tested according to the current European legislation. To avoid any risk of allergy, this sun cream was formulated without allergen.

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